Turnkey projects

DSC01859Our company offers services indesign and construction of “TURNKEY PLANTS”. We offer wide assortment of equipment for copper scrap recycling and wires reprocessing.

 We also have extensive experience in restyling secondhand equipment.

 We do connect the new equipment to the existing in accordance with your request.

 We deeply analyze existing production process, given the logistics and technological schemes of networks and offer the best technical concept for the integration of the necessary equipment.

 We can proceed to the modernization of your equipment to increase its effectiveness.

This requires high level of professionalism and a lot of experience. Our specialists are highly qualified in this field.

The first step of our mission will be the performance of a technical audit. On this basis we will develop the project and prepare the engineering documentation allowing to work competently in the shortest possible time.

The projects that we already archived give us the opportunity to get invaluable experience in construction and other projects related works. We cooperate with other professional companies for special work as may be required.

So, we are ready to be a general contractor or supervisor of your project of any complexity. We are able to implement the project construction of a metallurgical plant “Turnkey project”.

Work with as on the construction of the new facility is very easy, as we will share the same language in the literal and figurative sense. Our technologies have been implemented in a difficult economic situation, but we survived the 2008 and 2011 crisis. Therefore, we understand the difficulties faced by the newly established factories or those who decided to upgrade their existing production. That is why we always do our best to offer the most appropriate and profitable way (both financially and technically).

Our company is for our customers a adequate partner and associate.

After commissioning and start-up, we consistently provide training to your staff. Specialists are sent in your company to provide a master class technical training in accordance to technical level of the staff.

This is a very important part of our relationship with customers. We never had complains from our customers experiencing difficulties after the launch of our equipment in their plants. Sometimes the start-up process had to be delayed for several months, which affects the company’s finances. We took into account this factor and created a teaching team that within the stipulated timescale will work along with the client’s staff in order to hone the working system and to start the production of quality products. Our goal is to make our customers companies more profitable thanks to our equipment.