Secondhand equipment

Secondhand equipment

DSC04266The company proposes a range of secondhand equipment.

For example:

-Casting machine SouthWire

-Shaft Furnace Properzi FT-12

-Aluminum CCR line Properzi for production of aluminum rod

-Casing machines for aluminum Properzi C22

-Various wire equipment

Young growing companies often lack the necessary find to finance the development of the company. Purchase of new equipment requires serious investments that are in the present though economic context very difficult.

This is due to the universal desire to save money, which lead manufacturing companies to order machines in developing countries, what European manufactures did not do until recently.

Another advantage of secondhand equipment, with experts confirm, is that the quality of decades-old machines, for example, is often higher modern machines.

When considering that to the main structures are added the newest component parts, secondhand equipment, as such, ceases to exit and reborn in a new modern unit.

So, when selling secondhand equipment we put into it our engineering intelligence and modern technology and you will get GREAT RESULTS.

You can have a look at the projects we already realized and see it for yourself. If you with to see a plant equipped with the equipment in operation, we can arrange a visit in the enterprises that have already benefited from the cooperation with us.

Our company carries out restyling of used equipment. In our warehouse we have a wide selection of different machines. We can propose you to find the equipment you need and take care of the design work on adapting it to your production or shop, and a full restyling, adding new modern components. We have strong commercial relations with the leader manufacturers sellers of electronically components (Siemens, Schneider Electric, etc), hydrolic components (Hawe, etc) and mechanical components (LNA, SKF, Kromschroeder, ABB, etc).

If your budget does not allow you to buy a new machine, we will propose you the offer the most adapted to your needs and financial capacity project for secondhand equipment.

Thanks to the coordinated work of our professionals, the equipment renovated by our company works like new. We will not leave you alone with the machine, we take full responsibility for efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment we sold you.

The company Copper-Lines.K is ready to provide maintenance services for the repair maintenance and personal training.

Buying equipment by us, you get efficient equipment, reliable partner and consultant.