Fire Refining Furnace



Fire Refining Furnace is intended for pyrometallurgical recycling of copper scrap under a cost-saving and environmentally friendly technology and obtaining electrotechnical copper products with a controlled content of impurities and grade no worse than E-Cu 58 2.0065 (DIN). The basic technology offered regards the production of molten copper suitable to produce FRHC (Fire Refined High Conductivity) copper rod, strip, billet or other copper products using copper scrap as raw material (Cu>92%).

The potentiality of the combustion and refining systems have been calculated for a refining cycle (from charging to reduction) of 16 hours max, if the scrap mixture and the working procedures are used, leaving 8 hours or less for the pouring operation.



Item № Parameter name Parameter value
1.1. Dimensions LxBxH, mm 11500x5500x7500
1.2. Furnace capacity by copper Q, tons 80
1.3. Furnace tilting hydraulic cylinders, pc. 2
1.4. Loading hatch lifting hydraulic cylinders, pc. 1
1.5. Hydraulic unit, pc. 1
1.6. Furnace tilting angle during tapping, degr. max. 30,0o
1.7. Furnace tilting angle during slag removal, degr. max. 10,0o
1.8. Furnace tilting speed, degr./sec 0,2
1.9. Fuel type natural gas, liquid fuel (mazut, diesel)
1.10. Number of installed burners, pc. 1
2.1. Gas burner: Type of burning device FTR-1200
natural gas pressure before burner, KPa, NMT 2,0
rated gas consumption per burner, m3/hour 600
rated air pressure before burner, KPa 3,0
air consumption per burner, m3/hour 6500
2.2. Lances: natural gas pressure before lance, KPa 300
rated gas consumption per lance, m3/hour 120
rated air pressure before lance, KPa 400-450
air consumption per lance, m3/min 1,7


Up-loading system (capacity up to 120 t)

2.1 Верхняя загрузка (до 120)+Frontal-loading system (capacity up to 120 t)

2.2 Боковая загрузка (до 120)+Capacity from 120 up to 320 t

2.4 До 320+ 2.3 Свыше 120+