1. Designation and area of application

7.3 Slag Reprocessing DiagramShaft furnace is high efficiency equipment with high heat-availability factor of fuel consumption due to material and gases opposite flow within the furnace. The main purpose of slag processing is extraction copper out of copper, brass and bronze slag fractions of 30 – 100 mm with copper content not less than 5 %, receiving molten metal and pouring it into moulds or a ladle.

2. Specifications

Parameter description Value
1. Dimensions LхВхН, mm 4550x2280x3730
2. Forehearth mixing ladle capacity for metal Q, t. 2.0
3. Body weight, kg 9000
4. Lining weight, kg 43470
5. Fuel type Natural gas, coke, fuel oil
6. Number of installed burners, pcs. Mixing ladle: 1

Crossover: 1

7. Burner device type Mixing ladle: GGV-150N

Crossover: GGV-50N

8. Natural gas pressure in front of the burner, MPa, not more 1.0
9. Rated consumption of gas per burner, m3/hour 150 (90)
10. Number of tuyeres 12
11. Air consumption for tuyeres, m3/hour 4700
12. Air pressure on tuyeres, kPa 3
13. Coke consumption, t/t (finished product) 1.2 – 2.0
14. Output for slag, t/month 1000


  1. Furnace arrangement

    1. Shaft Slag FurnaceShaft furnace consists of:

  1. Furnace body, shaft;
  2. Mixing ladle;
  3. Crossover;
  4. Taphole for slag flushing;
  5. Taphole for copper flushing;
  6. Furnace shaft cover
  7. Mixing ladle cover;
  8. Tuyere belt (12 tuyeres, 2 air ducts);
  9. Windows for slag cleaning – 2 pcs.;
  10. Windows for copper cleaning – 1 pcs.;
  11. Feeding windows;
  12. Gas conduit;
  13. Gas burners.


Characteristics of raw material

The raw material for the shaft furnace is the slag obtained from the fire refining of copper-containing scrap, with a copper content of 5% or more.

Melting of the stock is carried out by burning of coke.

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11. Mixed copper scrap preparation diagram