Copper-UpLine-30 melting and casting complex



(capacity up to 6000 t/year)

  1. Purpose and application

The COPPER-UPLINE-30 complex is intended for copper scrap recycling (Cu>98%) and continues casting of oxygen-free copper rod Ø8-32mm in coil up to 6t.

 Copper scrap type, Cu>98%

    • Copper round and shaped sections (in oil, glass, paper or enamel)
    • Copper freed from isolation;
    • Crushed wire;
    • Pipes.
  1. COPPER-UPLINE -30 Performance parameters
Parameters and characteristics Value
I. Fire Refining Furnace
1 Furnace copper holding capacity (total), t 30
2 Fuel type Natural gas, oil
3 Burner type FTR
4 Number of burners, pcs 2
5 Gas Consumption by burner in the melting chamber, m³/h 300
6 Gas consumption by burner in the reduction chamber, m³/h 200
II. Casting Machine
1 Induction heating power, kW 700
2 Casting output, t/year up to 6 000
3 Casting diameter, mm 8-32
4 Casting coil weight, kg 3000-6000
5 Number of casting crystallizers 5


4.1 Copper-UpLine-30 плавильно-литейный комплекс