interwire_logoINVITATION for INTERWIRE – 2017


BOOTH No 773


For Copper Metallurgical, Cables and Scrap Plants

Location: Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Exhibits: May 9-11, 2017



Unique technologies and equipment of refining scrap copper
WIRE -2016, 4-8 April, Düsseldorf, Germany

Hall 16, stand 16H77


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

International exhibition is not just a holiday, and the culmination of professional achievements of each company, and WIRE-2016.0, is no exception.

With this in mind, this year in Dusseldorf, SARL the Copper Lines. K will present a wide range of equipment for the processing of copper scrap, including "comprehensive solutions" for any technological stages of processing of copper, as well as innovative technologies for processing of existing production processes under key.

These modern complexes provide an opportunity to organize integration in the processing cycle, to partially eliminate the bottlenecks existing technology.  Refining technology we offer greatly increases efficiency and profitability of production.


If you are a manufacturer of cables, copper or you are the owner of a steel plant on processing of copper scrap, there is no better place for you than our booth 16H77, Hall 16!


We invite you to visit our exhibition booth at WIRE-2016 at 4-April 8, 2016 in Dusseldorf. The world famous hot coffee and a tall glass of wine, surrounded by friendly circle of professionals and friendly atmosphere will accompany you, as we introduce you to our novelty Combined Melting Up-Casting complex at booth 16H77, Hall 16.


It offers to our representatives fluent in English, French and Russian languages.


With kind regards,




Contacts: 1.  Olesya Šigina 2. Victor Shigin 3. Igor Morozov

French Tel: + 33 681-989-903

Russia Tel: +7 (4822) 57-11-01 e-mail:,

All About Copper

Where would we be without copper? Probably still in the Stone Age – we would not have had the Bronze Age yet. Copper was the first mineral man extracted from the earth to make utensils, weapons and tools and it has become invaluable since those early days.

Copper is used extensively in everyday products, brings electricity into the home from the power station and takes electricity to all the mains-fed electronics and appliances we use in the house, office and vehicles.

With annual consumption at around 20 million tonnes, it is most-used base metal after aluminium. Copper faces competition from aluminium and fibre optics in wire and cable applications and from aluminium in heat exchangers.

Around 18 percent of annual copper supply comes from recycled material, which is referred to as secondary copper. Read more about copper.

Wire Journal

417729_980eprokatmednyyThe company Copper-Lines.K specializes in manufacturing equipment for the recycling of all kinds of copper scrap, as well as units for further processing of fire refined and oxygen-free rods. Knowing that about 40% of copper products are made from copper scrap, the use of 100% copper scrap as the raw material for finished products is of ever-growing interest, so the task of developing and implementing technologies and processes for copper scrap recycling is the most urgent issue today. Read More


ВВ-mini– Mr. Shigin , tell us about your company .

– SARL COPPER-LINES.K based in Strasbourg, France, was founded as an engineering company in the field of copper scrap refining. Relying on the strong scientific and manufacturing experience of my first company Katel-Elektromechanika PJSC,  I decided to create Copper-Lines.K as its exclusive european retail seller of copper scrap reprocessing equipment. Read More