Good future and efficiency of investments

erfolgThe main key to enter the market is damping (a competitive price offer), as only optimal quality-price ratio is the major factor which can guarantees and form a perfect base for creation of a competitive dumping enterprise.

Stable growth of copper electric products consumption on the part of cable industry as well as copper products made of secondary raw material, conditioned by general increase in copper consumption against the background of reduction of primary raw-materials stock.

There are traditional major plants aimed at procession of mineral resources, which under the conditions of slick operation and switch to procession of secondary copper resources, turn out to be unprofitable.

Company competitiveness in this field largely depends on the structure of costs, and consequently considerable difference in cost of scrap and copper cathodes, which are the traditionally used raw material, allows to form the most competitive pricing proposal and ultimately facilitates the promotion of products and route-to-market.

Electrical copper goods production from scrap copper is a world wide problem. All of the companies around the world use copper cathodes to achieve this quality. Our company has designed the unique Fire Refining Technology and equipment for copper scrap utilizing and converting to electrical application copper products.

Production control optimization problem is closely related to product quality, manufacturability, energy consumption, that is all, increase of the economic efficiency of production in general. One of the effective ways to reduce the total production costs is complete replacement of copper cathode by cheaper copper scrap.

Application of modern equipment and copper scrap refining techniques makes it possible to eliminate the stages of electrolysis and cathode re-melting, which makes the time of the process two times as shorter and reduces the production cost.

The unique technical and technological solutions of copper scrap refining are significantly ahead of current worldwide level, determine and guarantee the company competitiveness over a long period of time. The planned expenditure level establishes reserve for promotion of products at the world market;

We would recommend to invest in one of the most complex financial sector of the economy, with high prices for energy resources and high tax burden, as according to investment profitability guarantee, the Payback Period normally does not exceed 1.5 – 2.5 years from the moment of production start-up. Absence of serious risks during project implementation is additional guarantee conformation.