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Wire Journal

417729_980eprokatmednyyThe company Copper-Lines.K specializes in manufacturing equipment for the recycling of all kinds of copper scrap, as well as units for further processing of fire refined and oxygen-free rods. Knowing that about 40% of copper products are made from copper scrap, the use of 100% copper scrap as the raw material for finished products is of ever-growing interest, so the task of developing and implementing technologies and processes for copper scrap recycling is the most urgent issue today.


Using conventional techniques, the stages of electrolytic refining and cathode smelting are highly energy-consuming (gas, electricity, etc.). Our technology allows to bypass this stage. Our offers include modern heat recovery system to supply hot water and heating for household use by outgoing gas heat recuperation.


It is well known that rods manufactured from 100 % copper scrap are microalloyed and are not easily being manufactured during the steps of drawing, rolling and heat treating. For these purposes special mills and annealing machines are required. We offer our customers a wide range of such equipment. For example, we supplied to a lot of cable and metallic plants our annealing lines working successfully for a long time for rods produced from 100 % of copper scrap for an area up to 100 mm2. Our company is currently the only one in the world manufacturing an annealing technology with such achievements. Our annealing line allows high-temperature processing, resulting in a modification of the structure of copper and improvings its ductility.


Manufacturing electrotechnical products from scrap copper is a challenging task. After studying the recyclable copper scrap market situation, based on the Mr. V. Shigin’s research and also on his 15-year experience in his metal plant we have developed a range of modular technology solutions for reprocessing copper scrapinto finished products, including electrical applications. Using our own factory as an experimental platform, our company has made great achievements in refining. The latest innovation of our company is a hybrid gas and electric furnace , combined with vertical casting machines ( for circular and rectangular sections, tubes) from 100 % of copper scrap with the possibility of deep refining. We offer an in-line rolling mill combined with an annealing line producing rods conform to global standards.


Our company offers a full range of technological equipment units for the recycling of copper scrap. The competitive companies offer only parts of the units we design.


We design equipment for mechanical and pyro- chemical pre-treatment of copper scrap for further processing. We are the only company on the market with such achievements!


We offer 2 types of specialized fire refining furnaces to be integrated. One type is designed for CCR lines, the second one for Upcast technology. Our competitors offer such equipment only for line CCR.


We designed Shaft slag furnaces, in order to reprocess the slag and salvage some copper. We are the only company on the market with such achievements!


Our company has a complete set of Copper Up-Line ZH (Zeus & Hercules), including a hybrid vertical casting for the production of oxygen-free copper, rolling mill with integrated annealing line ( from 100 % of copper scrap). We are the only company on the market with such achievements!


Copper-Lines.K provides a full range of technical services : design works and modernization of existing facilities ( in the field of metallurgy and copper processing). We are the only company on the market offering such a complete package of technical solutions!


In conclusion, we can say that Copper-Lines.K is a professionnal partner in the organization of high-performance modern production facilities for processing and production of copper products from 100 % of copper scrap. Our team is dynamic and effective. Do not hesitate to contact us!